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“Humour, pathos, shock, pain are provoked as you watch the drama unfold. [...] Yet despite the serious nature of the subject matter, it doesn’t lecture. I laughed, was close to tears, and at times also deeply uncomfortable.” 

“A play about alcohol that doesn’t lecture.” 


Alison Graham, 5* The Oxford Times about


“Happy Even After is urgent, direct and powerful: its unflinching portrayal of domestic abuse will raise questions and open eyes. Looking around at the audience, many (including myself) had hands clutching their mouths, all completely emotionally invested in the harrowing events taking place. What was perhaps most striking was the nuance and complexity of the piece.”

Daily Info about 

‘Happy Even After’

“Warm and witty, but with a marked piquancy, the play clearly benefits from the writer’s experience as a nurse working in a psychiatric hospital, before her career change to theatre.” 

“This is a compelling play, excellently acted and tautly directed”

Christopher Gray, The Oxford Times about ‘Connie’s Colander’

Just wanted to say again how powerful your play was last night. The message came out loud and clear the clear exposition of the situation  in which Domestic abuse can arise and how to recognise the symptoms. 
All in all the evening was very informative, moving and thoroughly worthwhile. 
Thank you for creating the experience. Keep writing. We need more play-writes like you tackling important subjects


Sue Wilson, BBC Radio Producer about 'Happy Even After'

Gaye has worked closely with the inter-agency training pool for Buckingham Safeguarding Children Board for the past ten years. Gaye has the ability to convey powerful messages to professionals through her portrayal of challenging family circumstances and situations. Follow up evaluations have shown that it is the messages from scenarios created and played by Gaye that have the most impact on professional practice following the training"

Ann Lexton

Bucks Safeguarding Children Partnership

“The sensitivity in Enticknap and Poole’s interpretation of such a well-observed script touches many memories of my own mother’s dementia. Even down to the cooking together and tasting the cake mix. It’s painful and funny to watch, and ultimately the recognition is reassuring, even comforting. The rest of the audience clearly make their own connections."

Danny Lee, The Guardian about ‘Connie’s Colander’

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