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When I was at school I was infatuated with my English teacher, Mrs Huggett, who knew every word Thomas Hardy had ever written and her only flaw was an overwhelmingly sickly scent.

Running the school poetry magazine and helping at Drama Club, I became Mrs Huggett’s pet, destined to do very well in English. However, I managed to fail my English 'A' level spectacularly and to this day have not read the set texts of Coriolanus or any of the War poets, still preferring contemporary grit in both literature and theatre.


At drama school I wrote audition speeches for fellow actors alongside awful lovesick poetry which I kept to myself; I did share the slightly more angry, jilted themes in a short-lived and ‘heckled’ performance poetry career. Over the years there have been two self-written One Woman shows and a musical for day centres written mostly on the touchlines at the football matches of my sons. Finally, writing for my own co-founded theatre company and then branching out on my own I think Mrs Huggett would be shocked but I hope ‘tickled’ that I now call myself a ‘writer’ both of plays and now a novel! 

Now, in my 'third act' I am an established writer with many years' experience writing plays for theatre and radio and having had my first book published, an avid author of novels about issues that are important to me.

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