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Writing Services

  • Scriptwriting for theatre and radio

  • Scriptwriting for any ceremony; from renewal of wedding vows, to school prize-givings, to puppy naming

  • Scriptwriting for health and social care training, conferences etc.

  • Actually any writing - barring shopping lists!

Previous Plays

  • Memory Exchange - Set in failing charity shop which used items with attached former owners’ memories to breathe life back into the shop. Three tours with Oxford Concert Party of day centres and Nursing homes in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties

  • Connie’s Colander - Set on a tv cookery show, exploring a mother’s journey with dementia alongside her daughter. First performed for Saturday Matinee company at Old Fire Station, Oxford then on three tours with Human Story Theatre, one national (Arts Council funded) of libraries, studio theatres and community centres.

  • Flat 73 - Exploring four people’s loneliness and the Samaritans, toured Oxfordshire and London - a Human Story Theatre small scale tour.

  • 6 Women - Commissioned by Under Construction Theatre, collected stories from women of six different decades and performed at Old Fire Station, Oxford.

  • DRY - Commissioned by the NHS Central South for Human Story Theatre about middle-class, middle-aged drinking and the effects on family. Oxfordshire tour 2019, followed by national tour of small-scale venues in 2020, ending up in the House of Lords.

  • Happy Even After - About two couples’ domestic abuse. Toured Oxfordshire small-scale venues in 2019 with Human Story Theatre. This was commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council for a re-tour in April 2020 and then converted into radio play for Radio Devon and Radio Oxford in May 2020.

  • No Yeah Buts - 20-minute drama (film) about nurses’ obesity com

  • Writer for WILD an integrated youth theatre company

  • Regular provision of scenarios for: safeguarding training on such topics as: challenging families

  • Series of ‘dramatised’ training for Health Education England on such topics as mental capacity.

  • Half hour plays for four Buckinghamshire Social Care Annual Conferences on topics such as restorative justice. Input to Oxford Deanery medical student training dramatising roleplays for communication skills.

  • A Broadmoor prison service commissioned play about holistic care.

  • Comedy sketches for the alternative cabaret circuit.

  • Online humorous monologues.

  • Two one woman shows, Women on the Edge about mental health struggles and Holiday in Heaven about different experiences of the afterlife.

Other Work


“Humour, pathos, shock, pain are provoked as you watch the drama unfold. [...] Yet despite the serious nature of the subject matter, it doesn’t lecture. I laughed, was close to tears, and at times also deeply uncomfortable.” 

“A play about alcohol that doesn’t lecture.” 


Alison Graham, 5* The Oxford Times about ‘DRY’

“Happy Even After is urgent, direct and powerful: its unflinching portrayal of domestic abuse will raise questions and open eyes. Looking around at the audience, many (including myself) had hands clutching their mouths, all completely emotionally invested in the harrowing events taking place. What was perhaps most striking was the nuance and complexity of the piece.”

Daily Info on ‘Happy Even After’

“Warm and witty, but with a marked piquancy, the play clearly benefits from the writer’s experience as a nurse working in a psychiatric hospital, before her career change to theatre.” 

“This is a compelling play, excellently acted and tautly directed”

Christopher Gray, The Oxford Times about ‘Connie’s Colander’

Gaye Poole Trailers

Gaye Poole Trailers

Gaye Poole Trailers
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Happy Even After

Happy Even After

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DRY UK Tour 2020 Trailer

DRY UK Tour 2020 Trailer

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Connie's Colander in Libraries

Connie's Colander in Libraries

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